Mar 292011

when we wake up we see the light in front of us, the sky above us and the dirty ruins of modernity beneath our boots.  i wake up and see my nephew, his hair blonde and fresh.  i want nothing to do with him.  i tease him but i love him.  my pa needs me.  some heifer is dead.  tough shit.  we should sell them all anyway.  start a new life, start drilling for oil.  my pa is too stubborn.

nobody leaves me alone.  i drift off into town and leave my hat at my lady’s place, i get picked up for causing a nuisance, but nobody minds.  people are entertained by me.  someday the old man will die.

now that cattle are dead and gone, we can start fresh.  i can bring the kid along and teach him the way of the land.  he thinks he knows but he dont.  i can teach him, like pa taught me.

there he goes.  i better get him.  cant lose the kid.

forget him.  he dont know nothing.



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