Jul 202011

of all the narrow losses and the aggravated burdens endured softly and quietly by the quick judgment and the necessary followers, we maintain the sobriety of our peers with the inescapable desperation of the lack that follows us from idea to idea.

the grossness of our individuality stains the very produce of our inner constellations.  the galaxies of misery that maintain our thoughts as we persevere and confront the neglect and chaos that burdens our fellow citizens.

i stink in the most basic sense of the word.  i get sick and i borrow money and sometimes i am rude.  occasionally i make bad decisions and i often bury myself in the promise of an unattainable dream, material or otherwise.  that sense of internal progress defines my ability to smile and engage again with the battles of this or any time.

with the pathetic outcry of support for political agendas made meaningless by the lack of insight brought in them by the trusted advisers and truth-tellers that surround our leaders, i am left with the quiet sense of loss and and abject failure in our shared duty to simply help the common cause.

the action is directed and fought for, and we must correct ourselves in our ambitions toward the future relevance of ourselves, or lack thereof.

our opinion is not often solicited and we are often reluctant to express ourselves for fear of mockery and deviance from imposed norms and lackluster sensations of humility.

we so easily forget that those that govern, those that lead, that tell us what to think and feel, that dominate the discussion and set boundaries for our interactions are simply humans elevated by our own self-doubt.  they contain no superior combination of nature and nurture, simply the will to accept what they are given by us.

our fanaticism and impossible desires make us weak and easily deceived.  we mask our prejudice in rationalization and question those that lie outside the arranged boundaries of opinion.

the deficit faced by us all is not real.  in actuality, we have no genuine understanding of the meaning of a deficit.  those that devote their lives to studying the impact of such economic realities are left to burn in effigy, chastising their students and colleagues and drowning their sorrows in a false sense of mysterious superiority.

do we dare engage ourselves, or do we simply continue the specialization of labor that has given us the great prosperity which we now enjoy.  we seem not to allow ourselves to obey the very principles that dominate the national discussion of free enterprise and competition.

the human element dictates the sensations of survival that carry us all through the lunch hour and beyond.  unfortunately, those that govern and choose our lives for us most often do not transcend such fears.  like us, they want to keep working too.  like us, they want to maintain their sense of power and worth by holding dearly to the perception of civic enlightenment we endow them with.

in our democracy, we believe that the majority rules.  unfortunately, such is not the case.  our democracy dictates that a minority decides for us all.  that minority, under intense pressure, relishes their importance and continues to the sell the myth of populist empowerment that grants them such social prominence.

they even wear suits.

the humble man accepts what he does not know.  the best leaders are listeners and the best businesses operate through specialization.

the majority is silent because the majority is an illusion.




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