Nov 072012

alas, the time has come for all of us to take heed of the circumstance.  there is not favor or passivity in these walls, just a vague awareness of the love that endures, the endurable obligation that renders us all towards the worlds beneath us.  we are indeed the promised ones, the ones with entitlements, the ones with hopes and dreams.  we are the children of the oppressed.  we are the ones who got away clean, and now we are presented with a world that is not pure or clean, but condensed into factions that are at war.  a war of ideas, of values, of judgments and needs.

i cannot being to assert my own understanding.  to assert as much would be to admit my own ignorance which i am too proud to admit.  in fact, admitting in itself just reeks of cowardice.  i would much rather proclaim or state or announce, admitting has such a demeaning tone.

i love what we are capable of.  there are moments when all is well, when the world seems at peace and just the common humanity of us all is enough to save the day.

other times, our competitiveness renders my attitude complacent and dull.  i see the delusional conceptions of power that grip the minds of my fellow citizens and feel sick.  i want to hide.  i feel as if my home is in my self and that this land is filled with the misguided pronouncements of some despicable other.

i hate to be that other.  in fact, i want to be the not other.  i want to be the majority.  but even that makes me uncomfortable, because i have sat on the other side so many times.  observing, wondering what my place could possibly be in this madness.

and then of course, comes laughter.  what comfort.  what sense of purpose i feel.  thanks to the other.  thanks to you.



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