Nov 262012

hey charlie, you keep playing songs.  you keep playing songs like you play them well man.  you keep on playing them and i just keep on listening to them, you know, just like yesterday, just like the would have been and almost never was you know, charlie you keep sitting on top of me, you keep playing those songs, you keep reminding me what the point was to begin with, you keep on sending the message you should have sent yesterday, you just keep on digging, you keep on wondering how much longer, how much more, how much more, how much more.  these days i get tired man.  i get so tired i start to fall asleep, you keep on grinding away, you keep on grinding, you just keep playing away and you keep wondering indeed you keep on, you just keep on man, like a bird, like a pajaro, like an angel bird flapping your wings charlie, you keep on keeping on, like an angel man, watching you fly man, watching you coast away to the sunset, like falcon man, no man, not like a falcon, like a heavenly bird man, you are bird man you are bird.


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