Waiting for Godot

The classic play by Samuel Beckett, directed by Adam Macy.  Featuring Andrew Cottrell as Estragon, Ben Goldsmith as Vladimir, Matt Whitlock as Lucky, Adam Macy as Pozzo, and Nicole Day as Boy.  The play ran in October 2012 at The Improv Space in Los Angeles.

Waiting for Godot from Adam Macy on Vimeo.

The American Way

A documentary about a young teacher who travels the country to discover the essence of the American Way, submitted to the Sundance Film Festival in September 2011.  The documentary is the brainchild of director Joshua Cook, who decided to travel the country after seeing his former public school, Animo Justice, close.  The students protested the closing, but the organization in charge, a private corporation, shut the down the school for budgetary reasons.  Feeling helpless and in search of voice, Joshua decided to search out the quintessential American voice, and discovered amidst great blight and decay, movements towards localized agriculture and localized investments, allowing our investments to stay in the communities where we live.  Adam Macy served as writer and producer.  Dane Kroll served as editor and director of photography.

Hammer Down

The short play, Hammer Down, written and directed by Adam Macy featuring the cast of Bad Luck Rising.  Featuring Adam Macy as Forbod, Chris Roberti as Adam, Jake Hart as Pessah, and Paul Wielunski as Paul.  The performance took place at Under St. Marks Theater in the East Village of New York City.

Hammer Down from Adam Macy on Vimeo.


The short film improvised by Adam Macy about a young looking for his estranged father in the yellow pages of New York City.

Ringing from Adam Macy on Vimeo.



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